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Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 1/12/14


Running late today. Also panicked as I couldn't find some of the pics. Still managed to scrounge a few I don't think I've shared yet. Phew! (Working OT and all the colds running around have impaired fun time) :(

Star Wars The Old Republic

Imperial Spy


My newest pet! Isn't he funky looking?

Here's a side view

Hoth, where white is mandatory. This bot looks odd, doesn't he?

Those flags always make the place home. :)

I so want a blue skinned character. Hopefully will be able to make him blonde. Desslock or Desslar if not already taken. Star Blazers for the win! (70's super popular anime Battleship Yamato - Meiji Matsumoto). Oh yeah!

Have an awesome Sunday!!!!

Tags: author, game art, game graphics, gloria oliver, hoth, mmo, pc games, star wars the old republic, swtor, unveiling the fantastic
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