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Virtual Tourist - TERA 8/24/14


Life has once more been conspiring against me. Hubby had to do a cutover Friday so no movie. Saw two yesterday, but no time to do the reviews~! Wheee!




I keep finding areas I've not taken pics of in the big city. Heh heh

Love this town!

Val Aureum

Some of the weird flora here.

Ruins all over the place.

Colorful and super weird fauna.

Giant super scary fauna! Can only get so close to take pics though.

Here's one of all three. Heh heh.

Crazy rock formations and plants

View as we leave the zone.


So green!

This place was super cool.

You can never go wrong with roses!

Amazing beach, no?

You can climb up into the tree stations!

That is one nasty looking fish.

Have a ton of fun today!

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