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Virtual Tourist - TERA 9/21/14

Morning all~!



Pirate Grotto

Ship inside Pirate Grotto

Some lovely pirate decorating touches. :)

Latests costume?

Looks like I totally forgot to take the UI out.


Really is hard to get pics of the bad guys. lol

Water so clear you can see the gold at the bottom.

Back of one of the ships. So fancy!

Yep, skulls in ALL their decorating. Hee!

Treasure room of DOOM.

Upside down ship on the ceiling!

View from the wooden rope bridge hanging above the Pirate Grotto

They even have housing in the cliffs!

There be GOLD!

Totally cool floor, no?

Ship entry and exit for the grotto.

Back at the Capitol

Nice outfit!

New cool little corner in the Capitol. Such a gorgeous place!

Have a great Sunday~!

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