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Virtual Tourist - TERA 3/15/15


Trying to slap this together before starting the final day of All-Con.



Citadel of Torment

Huh, did I share this one already? Oh well!

More evil denizens of the place!

So roomy!

A nice forbidding doorway.

Shshshshsh we're hiding...

He looks like he's gonna tell on me.

Isn't he gruesome looking?

I do love these hallways!

Now this is a library~!

Looking down into the next level

How cool is that!

Uhm, flowers fed by blood? Not so cool. I like to keep my blood on the inside. Heh heh

Have an awesome Sunday!

Tags: author, citadel of torment, game art, game graphics, gloria oliver, tera mmo, unveiling the fantastic, virtual tourist
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