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Virtual Tourist - TERA 4/19/15


Up earlier than usual today. *yawn* May have to go in to the office. Quarter end and all. The power outages last night may have hit the office because I can login from home this morning. Boo!


Southern Shara


Yeah...this place is not creepy at all. Eek!

They grow them big around here!

Brave soul that one.

Look at the bizarre web patterns

Super bad spider - eek!

Yeah, you can guess what they use for food. Ugh. Nasties who help them.

A menacing close up!

And his backside. Mean looking.

See the dead creature? Wrapped in mid roar. Doh!

Outside! Fresh air! Huzzah!

Such an inviting gate - NOT!

So green!

Hope you have a wonderfully restful Sunday!

Tags: arachnaea, author, game art, game graphics, gaming, gloria oliver, jungle, mmo, spiders, tera, unveiling the fantastic, val palrada, virtual photography, virtual tourist
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