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Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 5/3/15


Hubby decided to buy me a new game on special. Beautiful graphics, but the ugliest characters I've ever seen! Not sure why anyone would want to do that. *scratches head in confusion*

Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V)

That is just beautiful.

This one is totally awesome.

A prisoner in the back of a wagon, we enter a village to meet our fate.

Before us are our judges and executioners. I've been lumped in with some insurrectionists, but I seemingly don't know who I am.

Yeah, this is what's coming.

My view from the chopping block.

Look at what appears behind him! Chaos ensues!

Nice dragon, good dragon.

There has not been a dragon seen in hundreds of years.

He's destroying the place.

Running underground, I find an ally. He knows a way we might escape with our lives.

Uhm, seems getting executed was the nice way to go.

Me and my little hammer running down a tunnel.

Small bridge in a large cavern area.

More caverns. And they're not necessarily safe.

Big spiders! They didn't like the hammer.

The fate of some poor animals and men.


Have a lovely Sunday!

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