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Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 5/17/15

Morning all!

Tons of storms last night. Made getting up this morning rather difficult. :P


City of Whiterun

Doesn't that sky look absolutely real?

My first view of Whiterun. I did not come here the usual way. (Hubby gave me some baaaaad advice.)

Some neat viking type architecture here.

Hall of the Companions. Looks like and upside down Viking ship, no?

The Big Man himself. :P

Sacred Tree - grown from a cut of THE SACRED TREE. Some lovely waterways here too.

Hall of the Companions

Troll Skull.  The red lettering tells you taking it is stealing. In dungeons, no such lettering. But places like this, even with no one around, you'll get caught. It's how I took my unexpected shortcut to Whiterun. (*shakes fist at hubby*)

Down the middle, in the back, do you see the eagle statue? It's eyes even glow.

That's me!

The dark elf that works for the Jarl.

The leader of Whiterun himself. A bit of an odd duck. Oh, and that's my little hammer. Heh heh.

Stay dry!

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