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Virtual Tourist - TERA 8/16/15

Hope you've had a great weekend so far!


Southern Arun



I am so in love with this street!

The city of my race - Castanics - LOVE their signs!

Roses are everywhere!

And all sorts of things glowing things! :)

A closeup on the cool fiery signs

Isn't this thing wickedly cool and pretty?

Different angle

And out into the lands by the city.

Lots of glowing flora

Harsh but beautiful

Nature's lamppost?

Ash, fire, sulfur!

Darkness eternal...

Our first outpost outside the city.

It's already Sunday. Make it count! :P

Tags: author, castanica, game art, game graphics, gloria oliver, mmo, ostgarath, pc games, tera, unveiling the fantastic, virtual pictures, virtual tourist
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