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Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 8/23/15

Morning all!


Sweeping beneath the mountain toward the Monastery

Still making my way towards Ivargread

A cold but beautiful night

Wolves are a coming

Seems spiders roam outside of caves as well. DOH

I saw the Sign! Finally on a road going where I need to. lol

Thanks to a camp of Legionnaires, I was able to spruce up the quality of the vampire armor enough to make it worthwhile to wear.

Looks pretty good on me, no? (Though I think I inadvertently sold my helmet. lol)

This camp is also where I found that places like these don't mark property as being 'stolen' - so weird.

Ivargread - finally! Though that's when I got the weird message as the sun set...I'm getting very thirsty. Dang it! I think I've caught vampire cooties. Need to remember to see if I have a cure disease potion...

Hope you have a super restful day!

Tags: author, game art, game graphics, gloria oliver, iversgread, outdoors, pc games, unveiling the fantastic, vampire armor, virtual photography, virtual tourist
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