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Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 11/22/15

Vacation is over...waaaahhhh!

Final Fantasy XIV

Main Storyline

Mr. Badass! :P

He's got him a dragon. Not a good thing.

One of his cronies - Nero tol Scaeva

Not a nice guy. :P

Limsa Lominsa - a neat towering city. That's the transport airship between major cities. City is by the sea.

Ticket Counter for the airship.

Leader of Limsa Lominsa

Ul'dah - the third city - dry arid lands.

One of the main ares at Ul'dah

Delivering the letter from Gridania's leader

Raubahn - dang! him and his peeps are tall!

You can actually see his face on this one.

Out and about on Ul'dah - you can see some player characters and my new pet airship! :) And look at that carpet!!!!

Off to another place.

It's turned cold around here! Hope you're keeping warm out there!

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