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Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 2 12/11/16

Dishonored 2


View from the ledge outside of Emily's room. Time to escape!

There's always interesting paintings all over the place. Some you can even take for cash. :P

Map of Emily's small empire. It's amazing the amount of anguish it has handled over the years. Plagues, corruption, assassination. I'd want to move. :P

The Safe Room in Dunwall Tower. Now to escape to the streets.

Armed and dangerous! And about to discover the carnage was not just inside the tower. :(

My city. It looks so peaceful from up here. But it is just an illusion...

Beautiful, isn't it?

I've no idea what kind of animal that is. Have found it in several homes, so it's common, but something about it makes me go "Ugh". :P

Whale oil. It glows now. Not sure that's a good sign. (The keening of the whales is as loud as the citizens being slaughtered. So haunting...)

Finally made it to the docks. The ship to the left my possible means of escape from the city.

Stay warm out there!

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