Virtual Tourist - GRIS 2/3/19

I am still recuperating. There's some inflammation the doctor is not sure why I have, so I get to do a couple of weeks of steroids. I hope this does the trick. So tired of not feeling normal. :P


The bird is a recurring entity. Currently helpful, though later it gets hostile.

Here I am hitching a ride on the bird to go to a new area.

We have arrived at the color Blue.

This is the forest in Blue. They do some really neat things in this zone as they merge wood and water elements. 

This is a waterfall tree. The shrub areas are made of water, though you can stand on them as if they were solid. It gets trippy as the cloak now has the power of turning us into a fish. You can swim up the thicker waterfall sections into the cube sections. 

That's me in the middle. Take a look at the scary shadow in the back! Eek!

The girl statues are a major element and what the voyage is about.

Isn't that a cool visual?

Now we are in Green.  The farther we go the more complex things appear.

Red, blue, yellow and now all sorts of colors appear. This section is gorgeous. Once we get the power to sing, we will make it even more so.

Have a gorgeous Sunday!


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