Virtual Tourist - Subnautica 5/5/19


No mini movie review this week. Still fighting with some unspecified health issues. I'd hoped they would have figured it out by now, but no such luck. Ugh


New game! (For me, anyway.) It's a survival/exploration game. Most of it is underwater. You can tone down the number of issues for your survival. I skipped needing food and water. Air seemed hard enough to contend with. :P 

The game is also a mystery story as well. Exploring and trying to find other survivors lead you to clues explaining why you are there, and the reasons somethings have happened.

This is Aurora a ship belonging to the Altera Corporation. For reasons unknown at the beginning, the spaceship is about to crash on the planet below.

This is a pic of the top hatch of your escape/survival pod. Half the stuff is not working, and your PDA has also suffered data damage. (The PDA houses your inventory, schematics, scan data, locations, and other info.)

The wreck of the Aurora. Until you get some schematics and improve your diving suit, the area is too radioactive to approach.

This is the underwater area just beneath the escape capsule. Gorgeous graphics! You can see your health bar and oxygen on the left. Keeping track of your oxygen is SUPER important. :)

There are coral, fish, and underwater plants everywhere you look in the beginning area. You have a scanner that you use to gather data. It will also let you know if there's stuff you can make with it or if it is edible.

The outside of the escape pod. You can see the moon peeking behind it.

The shallow area is gorgeous at night! A lot of the plants and fish glow in the dark. It's all so beautiful!

This is the night sky from the surface of the water. Fires from the Aurora are darkening the view of the moon/planet with smoke.

Celestial companions. 

Sunrise on the planet. Beautiful but it has its dangers as well.

Have a great week!


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