Virtual Tourist Yakuza 0 7/21/19


Yes, I dropped off the face of the planet again. Seems a rather common occurrence anymore. :( While I am doing better than I have been, I am not 100%. Sundays have been elusive for some reason. The fact it's quarter end close and we're doing it in two separate systems hasn't helped! (There's been loads of overtime the last couple of weeks.)


I will be going to my first convention this year in a couple of weeks! ArmadilloCon will soon be upon us!  Looking forward to it. :)


Smashwords is holding a July ebook special offer. Both Crossed-eyed Dragon Troubles and Inner Demons are on sale at 50% off! If you've been curious about my books, this might be the perfect time to try one of them out! 

Yakuza 0

Street view of one of the main roads. The Maharaja dance club is across the street. Gaggle of schoolgirls as well. 

Tasty looking food display! Not all the businesses are actually there, but does make for some nice scenery. :)

This is Oda. He works for Tachibana Real Estate. He says he's not a yakuza, but he sure knows a lot of their tactics! :P 

Interesting club front. lol. 

Kazuma takes all the mini games very seriously. Here's his game face for playing darts! Brint it!

One of the toughest battlefileds - a karaoke bar! (You either get to sing or cheer them on. Not for the weak! So hard! 

This is the second Japanese game I've played where they educate the players about certain types of alcohol. Bizarre!

When one of the game hints told me to seek out a rather unusual shinto priest, this guy was NOT what I was expecting - white suit, clownface, and green bushy hair. He has free packages of goodies, which include costumes (not yet far enought to be able to see them or wear them). More importantly is the shrine itself. Doing certain things in the game gain you CP points. (Eating all the food at a restaurant, completing goals like walking 2 miles, etc.) You spend those points here. 

Close up of the biggest and oddest looking priest ever!

Fashion change for a sub story. This is what a producer of film looks like. (Whe we meet the real guy, he's wearing the exact outfit! lol) 

That's it for this week. Hopefully, we'll get to go to the movies on Friday. This quarter end has been brutal and since we're going to the merged company's BOLO system 100% for Aug, close for that should be insane. Ugh....

Have a great week!


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