February 4th, 2012

Zumaya Publications Kindle Thriller Month Special

For the month of February, one of my publishers, Zumaya Publications, will be placing Thrillers and other genre work with thriller elements on SPECIAL!


All the titles below will be listed at the super low price of $2.99. A great, cheap way to try out these great authors and fill out your Kindle libraries.

Week 1 Feb 5 – Feb 11 – Science Fiction Thrillers

Blood Line by Lynn Ward

Unforced Error by Mark Roberts

Catalyst by M D Benoit

Week 2 Feb 12 to Feb 18 – Thrillers

Final Mercy by Frank J Edwards

Redacted by G L Rockey

Too Many Secrets by Linda Guyan

Resurrection Diva by Eva Batonne

Week 3 Feb 19 to Feb 25 – Fantasy Thrillers

The Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris

Vassal of El by Gloria Oliver

Week 4 Feb 26 to Mar 3 – Mixed Thrillers


The Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K Burton

Dark Legend by Chris StiresMurder Canyon by Joan Blancher