February 15th, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/15/12


Had Thai Friday night and they did the cutest thing at Best Thai for Valentine's Day. The rice was put on the plate with a heart mold. Isn't that cute?!



I had Pad Thai. Yum. With lime it is sublime!



Also this past weekend I was at Sci-Fi Expo. Had some awesome artists sitting across and to the sides.



The Dallas Observer even had a table.



Scott Harden. Very nice stuff!




Alexis Cruz from the Star Gate Movie and SG-1. Seemed really friendly.



Lawrence Reynolds - his posters said it all~! Awesome work.



My super augmented far off look at Jewel Staite. She has a super bright smile! 



These vamplets are too cute!



Loads of bounty hunters. Not a lot of costumes at this one.





My super augmented Ron Glass pic. lol. When traffic was low I could peek from my chair between the vendors to the back where the stars were. ;P



My token photo of my table to prove I was there. Heh. Tried a slightly different configuration this time. Can you spot the difference? Heh heh.



Had this one in my weekly link catch for stuff to share but seems I didn't note who it came from? Ugh. Beautiful though isn't it?



Waterfall by David Henderson.



Between Dimensions by Robert Proch - a selection of 26 canvases. This one is called Between Us.