March 14th, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/14/12

Let's see what I've got to share this week.



Moon Games by Darren Rowse. This kind of thing is always such fun. :)



To The Light by Through The Glass. Almost seems like that light tunnel they say you see when dying. Heh


Hovering Swarms of Random Objects - photography from Thomas Jackson over at Peta Pixel. Bizarre yet cool idea, no?



Beautiful Mosaics of Trees Photographed Across Time - photography by Noel Miles featured over at Peta Pixel. Funky project!



Playing With Fire: A Burning Man Photo Shoot - photographer Benjamin Von Wong featured over at Peta Pixel. Okay, this one is just weird! lol. There's even a making of video. 



Hand And Body Paint Advertising by Guido Daniele featured at Pelfusion. Some of these are just too cool!



From NASA - Across to Prometheus - Saturn's Rings and the Moon Prometheus. Too Cool!



From NASA - Jupiter From The Ground. Bloody good picture for one taken from the ground on Earth.



Close-Up Photos of Wild Lions Captured With An Armored Beetle Cam over on Peta Pixel.