March 21st, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/21/12

Time to feed the eyes once again!




Mmmmm, grilled cheese on a crescent with tomato and pepercorn salad dressing on the side salad. Mmmm. Obzeet...mmmmm


They also always have a ton of fresh mouthwatering desserts. I can definitely vouch for the cheesecakes and the carrot cake. It's more a fight not to order dessert than anything else when we go there. lol. 


Normally these don't come out, so I was ecstatic when this one did! You can see the sunbeams! Yay!


This was a weird sight. The covered parking lot to Stonebriar was empty in the middle of a Friday afternoon. Don't know why it was closed. Very eerie.



Elephant Sunset from Heart On Earth.


Celebrities Through Patrick Hoelck Lenses at Some really interesting shots. Loved this one.



Camouflage Photography Can Can Make You Invisible - Camouflage Artists Liu Bolin and Desiree Palmen. So cool! Several new ones I'd not seen before. :)



Focus on Barbara O'Brien - From Animal Trainer To Photographer over at DPS.



NASA's photo of the day - Gumdrop Meets Spider



Beautiful Dreamy Photography by Terra Kate from Pelfusion.



Living in My Head - Illusion by Pat Perry over at Scene 360



NASA - Hubble Views Grand Star-Forming Region 



21 Creatively Captured Moon Reflections In Water from Light Stalking.



Incredible Sculptures From Bicycle Chains by Young-Deok Seo from Pelfusion. So cool!