April 16th, 2012

Mind Sieve 4/16/12

Monday, Monday!









Official Zetman Trailer. Ah, destruction as only anime can. lol. 



Kinect Star Wars Light Saber Duel. I was dying! Dying! lol. It's so bad. lol.



A new Woody Allen Film - To Rome With Love



Total Recall Trailer! Woot!



The Dictator Trailer 2. Crazy stuff! lol. 



Designing From Bones - Isle of Dystopia from Gene Lempp. Wicker Man! Wicker Man! Just saying... :P








Understanding Author Platform Part 2 - All The World Wide Web's A Stage from Kristen Lamb. 


3 Important Steps For Your Vlog by yours truly. (You've been warned!)


The Wonderful World of Tweetdeck and Twitter Management from The Writer's Guide To E Publishing. Ooo, time to update my Tweetdeck! 









From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - How To Be A Full-time Writer - A "25 Things You Should Know" Investigative Report. As always, so utterly right and illuminating! Go Chuck! Go Beard!


How To Outline Any Piece Of Writing from Aliventures. I definitely liked how she coped with fiction novel outlining. Because it is totally true, sometimes they decide to go places you never saw coming. :P



Huh, this week's post went rather smoothly. Who knew? Enjoy!