June 4th, 2012

Mind Sieve 6/4/12

Recovering from the con but prepping this before hand. Heh heh heh.








Michael Shanks!!!! Saving Hope - new series from NBC. Woot!



Cool new Prometheus poster from Total Film.




More Prometheus extra content. It's almost here!




Arrow Teaser Trailer - new TV series for the CW. Not starring Justin Hartley :( Though Stephen Amell looks like he can pull it off. Also has Paul Blackthrone (Dresden!). 



Medieval Mondays: Cursing Stones from A J Walker. 



An Imperial Walker walker from 22 Words.




Beauty and the Beast trailer another CW Fall additions.



Designing From Bones - Royal Mountains Majesty from Gene Lempp.








From Jami Gold - What Are You Looking For In An Agent? Good food for thought here!


Author Platform? But I'm Just Starting To Submit from Darcy Pattison.


From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - Revisiting The Fevered Egos Of Self-Publishing.







Literary Devices: Foreshadowing from Amy Rose Davis. 


From Marcy Kennedy - How To Use Taste To Make Your Readers Hungry For More.


The Four Types Of Dramatic Tension from The Writers Alley.