January 6th, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Angry Birds Star Wars and Dishonored 1/6/13

Greetings all!

Head cold is slowly improving, though the 12 hour days at work are not helping. Did detox Thursday before going to bed, so I have pics! :)

Angry Birds Star Wars


Hoth is the next series of puzzles. Some nice intro pics for the new set.

Pink for Leia...really? Really? (Her weird moan is err annoying too. Wah!)

She has a tractor beam like power. Weird to use but can have a devastating when used correctly.

Love the spy driods! And look at their snow helmets. So cute!

Yes, there are At-At. They shoot but don't walk. However, you can get them to collapse!

3rd Bonus Puzzle with exploding 3CPO. Heh

Opened up a few more characters on the sheet. :)


View from up high inside Campbell's building. Those giant lamps are perfect for going down the hallway unseen.

Campbell's hidden love nest and treasure storage. 1st time I had a heck of a time finding it. (There's a magic bone piece in here, so I could see it with the Heart but not get at it. They really make you work for some of these!) :

Making my way through the kennels. Those dogs are mean!

Had to take a pic of the spiderweb up there. So delicate and it swayed softly in the breeze too. Such a neat little touch.

Full front view of Campbell's building.

This little backpack gadget is an anti-magic device. Seemingly the researcher is using music waves to cancel out magic energy. I turned it on and got really woozy. So it looks like the guy is onto something. Eek!

Overhear view of the area close to the docks. Some of the skylights are breakable, so I've been sneaking into buildings all over the place. Bwahahaha

The rain is mucking up the pic a bit, but it was such a nice view of the moon and the night's sky.

A really weird looking whaler ship. The poor whale is saddled up on top. I believe one of the documents I read during my journeys mentioned that they keep them alive even while they skin the poor things

Looks like that's all the damage I will be causing today. Hope you're having a great weekend!