April 10th, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Grim Fandango 4/10/16

Morning! Running super, duper late.
Between work and trying not to catch a cold, life has been nothing but CHAOS! Whee! (Did see "Eye in the Sky" - good movie! Just didn't get to do a review. Felt horrible Friday - suckers take 2 hours and life is FULL) :(

Grim Fandango

This handsome dude lives in Rubacava. Got to meet him after I fell off the cliff into the brink. :P

Thanks to his intell, I was able to give my old client news on his wife. It also landed me his old job so I can wait for Meche.

Year 1

Manny has been waiting for Meche. It has now been a year. Many things have changed.

He looks very Casa Blanca no? Heh heh. Manny now owns his own place - looks just like Humphrey Bogart. :P

View from his porch of the Rubacava and the bay.

Inside his swank apartment/office

This table here holds a secret! Flips to show a machine that let's him control the roulette table.

Floor below Manny's apartment and also entryway to the club. He has a coat checker and everything! :P

Bar and Lounge area of the club. Glottis plays some mean keys!

The Casino area of the club.

View of Manny's club entrance. Swank!

Could that be...Meche? At last!

A little birdie bringing Manny info from his rebel friends!

The plot thickens!!!

Have a restful day!