Gloria Oliver (gloriaoliver) wrote,
Gloria Oliver

Mind Sieve 5/14/12

Greetings~! Hope everyone had a great weekend!








Fun website that tells you what you're made of from your name Gloria Oliver is made of koalas, cherries, and earthquakes. With a dash of T-REX. Booyah! I so am! :P What are you made of?


New Snow White And The Hunstman Poster from Total Film. I like it! 


And speaking of which, here is the 2nd Trailer. Looking forward to it!


Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer 3 - Now it's looking really good!


Hotel Transylvania Official Trailer. Looks adorable!


GI Joe 2: Retaliation Trailer 2 - booyah!


Felicia Day now has a FLOG (Felicia Blog?) It's quite cute. See Felicia create an Ice Sculpture with a Chainsaw. Heh


Bourne Vivaldi From the Piano Guys. What fun!




Designing From Bones - A Modern Dystopia from Gene Lempp.









10 Tips To Keep Your Head While Vlogging from Jenny Hansen. Hah! Someone else trying this weird vlogging stuff. heh heh.


Oh, and I did make another one. This one a Video Reading for my YA Fantasy novel Willing Sacrifice. I'll sneak it in. Shshshshsh... Will only hurt for a little while. Honest. :P









25 Realizations Writers Need To Have from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. 


Don't Finish: Ways To Be A More Productive Writer, Part 3 from Janice Hardy. I do something similar and it really does help! (Not that I'd thought of it in these terms before. Doh!) 


The Age of The Artist - Time For A Revolution from Kristen Lamb.




Have an awesome week, ya'll~!

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