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Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 7/1/12

Trying to get back into the old groove, so did snag a few pics at least!


First my Imperial Spy on Alderaan.

Loved that tower thing. So weird looking.

Thul Guard uniform. That helmet is just not in. :P

The two beaties did not appreciate me wanting to share their mugs with you on the blog. Bad tempered little buggers.

Some Alderaan flora.

Do like the look of this.

House Rist's banner.

Loved the stone scroll work.

Finally got to play with hubby again so here are a few Republic side pics of Hoth.

That giant wall is a downed ship. This ship graveyard is HUGE.

And we finally found a holocron on Hoth! (Though we couldn't get to it. We so suck at jumping.) X 3150 Y 482 Z-22 or there abouts. It's iniside one of the giant wrecks where the story progression took us. So close and yet so far. Waaaahhhh!

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